We can offer editing and proofreading services to your organisation, no matter the size of the job. We specialise in non-fiction and business-related material, such as software and web user interfaces, web content, manuals, brochures, policies and procedures, reports, journal articles, promotional flyers, menus, prospectuses, etc.

Even if you have a very tight schedule we may be able to help you make that deadline—contact us.

Do you need a list of reasons why you should outsource your organisation's editing? Our full-colour flyer (PDF) may help make up your mind!

Editing philosophy

  • I advocate for the reader.
  • I make the author sound like the best version of themselves.
  • I remove clutter and distil words to their basic and clear meaning.
  • I believe that clarity, brevity, and consistency are more important than perfection (whatever 'perfection' means).
  • There are no editing 'rules', only conventions and guidelines, both of which change over time and vary from place to place and organisation to organisation.


  • See Editing Presentations for links to conference presentation slides etc. related to editing.
  • See Reviewing User Interfaces for conference presentation slides, handouts, checklists, testimonials, etc. related to reviewing user interfaces and other screen-based content.

Case studies and samples

  • Conference paper: 'Before and after' sample of a conclusion from a conference paper for presentation at an international mining conference (PDF; 70 KB; 2011)
  • Raggedy Stitches: Weaving some magic (PDF, 280 KB; 2007): Making instructions clear
  • Web content: 'Before and after' samples of the home page of The Quiltmouse (PDF; 55 KB; 2007)
  • See the Technical Editing Experience section in Rhonda Bracey's resume.


Here's some feedback on our editing work:

  • You actually made my dry and boring manuscript sing! I just love it every time you do this and I never get tired of seeing your magic. I feel as though I'm driving around in a cheap rusted out VW, but to everyone else I look like I'm driving a Porsche! Perhaps not the best analogy, but it gives me absolutely no incentive to improve my English skills. ... I can just dump my thoughts and get it polished up by a real professional. It just simply amazes me how you do this in such short time. Thanks again. I REALLY appreciate it. (J Cowan, Prestologic, Perth, March 2011)
  • Rhonda is a powerhouse on many levels; technically she is exceptional. The job we asked her to do was not for the faint hearted; formatting a series of 55 MB+ technical documents written by multiple authors most of whom had introduced errant styles. She has enviable communication skills (leaving no doubt in my mind that she knew exactly what the job entailed and would cover all bases.) And she has a veteran tech editor’s eye for detail with a talent for spotting trouble (and working out a solution) well before it hits; a true lateral thinker. No sooner had she outlined the risks and covered off contingencies, than the job was done and dusted. And an excellent job it was. (Fiona Adolph, Technical Editor (Environment), The Wheatstone Project, Perth, May 2010)
  • Wow, I can why you're the writer and I'm not. I can't believe how fast you were able to turn my words around, how well you edited it to get to the essence of the message, and how you made my clumsy and bloated document into a slick Quick Reference Card. (Steve Dayne, Mining Dynamics Support, Brisbane, July 2008)
  • I was very pleased with the thoroughness and quality of your editorial feedback. You've really helped to smooth out the multiple origins of the text and tame some of those sentences I just couldn't face again. (Stephanie Bateman-Graham, XempleX, Perth, July 2007)
  • ... thank you so much for what you did with the Tool Tote pattern... I thought what you did with the format was great! I can definitely see where my pattern can be confusing for people to follow, so thank you for making that clearer to me. I thought the suggestion for having a "terms" page was bloody brilliant... I have to wonder why I never came up with such a great idea myself! I also like the way you have listed the general advice section at the start of the pattern. The format in which you have set out the pattern is much more readable and easy to follow than the way I have been setting out my instructions so far. You have done me a HUGE favour and pointed out so much to me and made me realise how confusing I have been writing my patterns for people to follow... I really appreciate all the work, time and effort you put into re-formatting my pattern! (Michelle Pearson, Handcrafters House/Raggedy Stitches, June 2007)
  • ...you certainly have the [editing] job with us for all of our major publications ... I did not know that anyone was as pedantic as me! (Kristen McPhail, Norgard Clohessy Equity Limited)


To check that our writing is in Plain English, we use and recommend StyleWriter from EditorSoftware. We can now offer substantial discounts on multiple licences of StyleWriter (10+, 100+, 1000+). Contact us for details.

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