Portfolio Technical Writing—Paper-based Manuals

NOTE: Most of the work done by CyberText Consulting is confidential to our clients and can't be shared, so only a few example screenshots of single topics are displayed here, not complete manuals. All these examples were written and designed before 2008, and all were created using Microsoft Word. (Click on the images to see more details.)

Standard Operating Procedure

Audience: Site personnel on a nickel and cobalt leaching and refining plant. This was one of hundreds of 'Best Operating Procedures' written to standardise operating practices and to achieve National Competency benchmarks for site personnel.

Screenshot from a standard operating procedure at a mineral processing plant

SAP Quick Reference Sheet

Audience: SAP users in a mining company. This document was part of a series of Quick Reference Sheets written for a SAP upgrade.

Screenshot from Quick Reference Card for a SAP upgrade

Quick Reference Card

Audience: Teachers in government schools; 'Laptop for Teachers' program.

Screenshot from a Quick Reference Card for a government IT department

User Guide

Audience: Users of a web-based application.

Screenshot from a user guide

Training Manual

Audience: New internet users in a government department; the training covered basic internet searching techniques.

Screenshot from a training manual for new internet users

Training Manual

Audience: Secondary school teachers who needed to know the basics of how to create a class or personal web page using Netscape Composer.

Screenshot from a training manual for teachers creating class or personal websites

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