Newsletters 2007

From January 2008, all new newsletter articles are posted on the CyberText Newsletter website.

Issue #25, December 2007 (PDF - 75KB)

  • Final newsletter in current format
  • Windows: Capture CMD box text
  • Windows: Colour code Windows folders
  • Word 2003: Modify TOC (Table of Contents) styles
  • Outlook 2003: Three handy tips: Map button to find a contact's address, delay outbound email, double check email addresses before sending
  • Keyboard shortcuts for hundreds of software applications
  • Interesting websites: world clock, Google searching, shipping goods from US websites to Australia, YouTube/Flash converters/downloaders, free scientific articles, Word 2007's numbering explained, octothorpes, DOS commands

Issue #24, September 2007 (PDF - 60KB)

  • Windows: Copying an error message
  • CyberText Bookstore: A new service. My recommendations for technical writing books and other items
  • Case Study: Editing the instructions for a quilt kit
  • Software: Handy applications for a USB device; PhraseExpress
  • Humour (maybe!): "Lies told to technical writers"
  • Interesting websites: See how your website displays in Internet Explorer 5 through 7; tools to make long URLs small; different ways to say "no"

Issue #23, June 2007 (PDF - 96KB)

  • Word: Accented characters; Letterheads
  • Windows: Finding 'lost' windows
  • Software: SmartDraw special discount
  • Fun stuff: Two great recipe websites; 2006 Word of the Year
  • Interesting websites: The world's biggest 'how-to' online manual; how popular is your website; calculating the real cost of gourmet coffees etc.; test your reaction time; bad labelling; measurement converters.
  • User experience levels: One person's definitions of Beginner, Novice, and Expert.

Issue #22, March 2007 (PDF - 85KB)

  • Google tips: Searching strategies, Google Maps available now for Australia, Google search mashup
  • Word: Random text generator
  • Fun stuff: Baby boomer list
  • Interesting websites: Make thousands of face combinations; ask 20 questions; hand out a fake phone number; read the "Change This" manifesto on "You are being lied to"
  • Software: DoubleKiller - find all those duplicate files on your system
  • Podcasts: Try the Open Culture directory for filtered podcasts

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